Welcome to TimelineFX

editor-pic-1Thanks for downloading the trial of TimelineFX! We’ve loaded a few example effects for you to play with and see what TimelineFX is capable of.

Click a few and see them play in the preview window.

Once you’ve played about head on over to the on-line tutorials here, and also checkout the documentation to how to create and modify effects for your own needs.

We have lots of free effects libraries for you to download and modify to your hearts content, or just use them as they are, they’re all royalty free!

As this is a trial version, you can’t save or export your effects, but you can export 4 frames to a sprite sheet so you can test if it will work OK with your work flow. Just click one of the effects in the editor and then under the edit menu you’ll find “Animation Properties”. From there you can record an effect to a sprite sheet, animation image strip or a file sequence in a number of formats. If you get stuck check the documentation here

I always love to hear your feedback so please email to pete@rigzsoft.co.uk so don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions or questions!


Supporting independent game developers

The TimelineFX Editor represents amazing value for money at only £29.99 (about $45), Rigzsoft are independent too so we appreciate the need for good value software. Our license is simple and generous too, there’s no limit on the number of titles you can use TimelineFX in, and all the effects you create are yours to do whatever you want with. Plus you get all the future updates for free!

Buying a copy will also help me continue to develop for it, including new features, effects libraries, tutorials and more.

Once you have purchased, your registration key will be sent to you via email immediately.

We also have bulk discounts available if you wish to purchase more then 1 license – 3 Licenses £23.33 each or 5 Licenses for only £19.99 each.

Licensing info

The license enables you to use the TimelineFX Editor for the creation of effects that can be used in free and commercial software. Any effects libraries or animation strips created with TimelineFX Editor can be used and distributed both freely and commercially. There is no limit to the number of free or commercial products that the effects libraries and animation strips can be included in. You are strictly prohibited from distributing the TimelineFX Editor. One Editor license is for 1 user only but you can install it onto more than 1 machine if necessary, as along as you are the sole user of the TimelineFX Editor software.