Alpha version for Intel based Macs released

I’ve just uploaded a new version for Intel based Apple Macs. Unfortunately I have a MacBook Pro from 2015 which is intel based, and whilst I can cross compile to ARM from there there’s no way for me to properly test without a newer ARM based Mac. I would need to test as the code uses a lot of Intel intrinsics for SIMD instructions that don’t all map 1 to 1 to the ARM equivalents. I have already made a start on this but will wait until I get my hands on an ARM based Mac before continuing. I’ll probably just get a basic Mac Mini to build the Mac version on as I much prefer coding in a Windows environment.

That brings me on to a quick rant – hooo boy is XCode a pain to work with. I thought Visual Studio had issues but it’s a ray of shining light compared to XCode! The amount of time that was wasted just because XCode failed to communicate anything remotely useful as to why an App wouldn’t validate. This seems like such an oversite and so simple to implement, and the debugger was slow and painful to work with as well. Anyway I got there in the end and hopefully a Intel & ARM distribution will come soon.

You can download the Mac version here, please let me know any issues!

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