Universal Mac version now available

So I got an ARM based Mac this weekend and got it compiling to create a universal app for ARM and Intel base Macs. I still have my old Intel based Macbook to test with and it seems to work fine on that too.

Doing the ARM version meant that I had to map all of the Intel intrinsics to the ARM equivalents which was reasonably straight forward. A few work arounds were needed here and there and in other situations it was actually easier to do with the ARM intrinsics.

Having the library also build for ARM processors is great as there’s no real limitations to what I can get it to run on now. Would like to get it running on Rasberry Pi too at some point. The next platform I’ll get it running on will be Linux which will be a first, I’ve barely ever used linux outside of web servers when I used to do that sort of thing.

Grab the new alpha for Macs here and as usual let me know any issues!