Introducing Insights and Author Notes

This is the final update for version 25 where I’ve been focusing on help and documentation. In this version I’ve added 2 new features to help new and existing users get a quick insight into how each effect and emitter works.



I’ve introduced a new tab labelled Insights. On this tab is auto generated documentation for each effect that gives a brief overview of the main properties that are used. Each property that is referenced has a link that you can click on that where that property is so you can easily get to grips with where things are in the editor and what they do.

TimelineFX insights tab

The new insights tab for an overview of each effect/emitter

For new users just trying to get to grips with the editor I’m hoping that this should help speed the process up a lot.


Author Notes

In addition to the insights tab, I’ve also added Author Notes which are for manually created notes by the the creator of the effects that can be much more specific about what the effect and emitters are doing. So far I’ve only added author notes to “Explosion” in the LibraryExamples3D effect file but the plan is that I’ll add more in the future especially for the premium effect packs that I plan on creating. Author notes will be a great way for me (or anyone else) to explain in more detail exactly how an effect has been put together so they’ll be like mini tutorials within the editor.

TimelineFX author notes

New tab call Author Notes, check out Explosion in the LibraryExamples3d file that comes with the download.

So I’m much happier now that the documentation for the editor is in a much better place and it’s time to move onto adding more features that I’ve been keen to include for a while! Hopefully I can show some new amazing effects in the next version.

Here’s the full list of updates in this version:

* Added new insights tab which is an autogenerated documentation for each effect and emitter.
* Added new author notes tab where the author of effects can add their own notes about each effect and emitter.
* Fixed issue when single loop amount is > 1 and the sprite data tab is used. The emitter was being expired too early before particles had actually finished.
* Centering of the the emitter handles for cylinder emission types works correctly now.
* Billboard option now showing properly on drop down.
* Effects now reset properly when changing some properties.
* Image pop up with shapes now wider with more columns.