Pitch and Yaw spin for particles in 3d!

Just a quick update!

I’ve mainly been working on adding spline paths in to the library the last month which I’m still working on but I wanted to just get a new alpha out which fixes a bunch of bugs and also introduces a simple but very effective feature where you can now spin particles on their pitch and yaw axis. Previously you could only spin particles on the axis that faces the camera but now you can set the Particle Rotation settings to free align and then adjust the spin attributes under particle behaviour.

Spin particles on all axis TimelineFX

New particle spin attribute graphs and settings

I also added the ability to align particles to the surface of emitters such as cylinders and spheres. Previously you could only align to the handle of the emitter which can work in some cases not all especially when the emitter size is not uniform.

With the paths I’ve been using Catmull-Rom splines and using  graphs to plot the paths easily but it’s just been a lot of figuring things out to find the best way to make use of them but they should be in the next version. I will probably make them a new emission type and have the ability to traverse the path similar to line emission types. This should allow for some very cool looking effects. I also want to add in traverse surface for cylinders as well as I have some nice ideas for effects that could use that feature.

Here’s a list of all the changes this update!

* Particles can now be spun on their pitch and yaw axis as well now.
* New options to align particles to the surface of emitters such as cylinders and spheres.
* Calculating the bounding box on sprite data effects works again.
* Insights won’t show the full path name for newly imported shapes now.
* Removed the tool tip on history items.
* Random start frame for emitters now works properly on the sprite data tab.
* Recording the sprite data now happens in a separate thread so that a progress bar can be shown whilst the sprite data  is recorded.
* Added direction overtime for 2d effects back after it went missing.
* Stretch now included in insights.
* Sprite data playback is now paused if you start manually scrubbing through the frames.
* Clicking links on the insights tab now focuses the properties tab.
* Fixed an issue with sprites on the sprite data tab not showing the correct images when now animated particles are used.
* Replay effect when effect ends now replays more immediately.
* Newly spawned particles and particles that loop on lines now update without glitches.
* Line length now only has 1 drag float again.
* Updated velocity tool tip for 3d effects so that it says units not pixels.
* CPU interpolation mode on sprite data tab handles animated particles properly now.