For Blitzmax

TimelineFX Module

Last Update – 26.05.10 – See WhatsNew.txt for latest changes

Requires Blitzmax version 1.39 or higher

Mac download not yet updated, but you can still download the windows version and re-compile, or grab from SVN

TimelineFX can now be updated via SVN. Checkout from: Don’t forget to rebuild the module after you update as the SVN only contains the source!

A complete particle module for Blitzmax. Implementaing a full range of particle effects into your applications couldn’t be easier. This download includes rigz.mod folder which contains:

  • timelinefx.mod – The main module for implementing particle effects in your games
  • entity.mod – A base entity class for creating entities that can be organised in a hierarchy of parents and children.
  • singlesurface.mod – Based on indiepaths code on the forums here for utilising a single surface for animated images.
  • tweener.mod – A simple module for implementing timing code.
  • vector.mod – A 2d vector module for easily creating and doing operations on vectors
  • collision.mod – Powerful collision module for box, circle, line and poly collisions, including a fast quadtree system
  • zipstreamloader.mod – Provides an optional loadeffects2 function which can load effects files that have been incbin’d (requires koriolis’ zipstream module available: here. Requires registration to download.)

Particle effects can be drawn using either OpenGL, Direct 7, or Direct X 9.

Important Module info: The module has few dependencies on other modules all of which are freely available.

bah.libxml by Brucey: link to download – This module is for all your XML needs in Blitz. XML is the format of Effects files.
gman.zipengine by GMan: link to download – A superb mod for handling zip files in Blitzmax. Effects libraries are stored in zip files.
A big thanks to those Module authors!

The extra modules

To make life a bit easier you can download the extra modules here. This zip contains the 2 extra modules you need to compile the module, bah.libxml and gman.zipengine. Just unzip them into your Blitzmax module folder and away you go.


A small game written using TimelineFX to give you an idea about what it can do and how to implement it. Vaders contains the source code so you can get an idea of how the module integrates into the code.