Code Libraries

The following are libraries that are available that you can use to implement TimelineFX directly.

License Info: All of our libraries are released under the MIT license and are completely free to use unless otherwise stated on 3rd party implementations, check the Github pages to confirm.

Monkey 2

Monkey 2 is a powerful new language from the same author as Blitzmax (Mark Sibly), with similar easy to use syntax but even more power.


Full install instructions are on Github. You can also download directly from within the Monkey 2 Editor.


Big big thanks to Damucz for the C++ library. He developed it with the game library “Marmalade” in mind but it can be used with others as well. Also thanks to Fredakilla for contributing.


Usage instructions can be found on Github.


Big big thanks to Gooddoggy for this Javascript library. “Allows particle system effects created in the standalone TimelineFX tool to be loaded and run within a browser.”


Usage instructions can be found on Github.


Blitzmax is the language that the Editor is written in. It’s very powerful yet very simple to use. In just a few lines of code you can load in your effects created with the TimelineFX editor and have them rendered on screen, plus with fixed rate timing code the results will be as smooth as silk. It also includes a powerful collision module.

In order to use TimelineFX you will also need to have the following modules installed:

  • LibXML mod: An excellent XML Library binded by Brucey
  • ZipModule by GMan
  • ZipStream Module by Koriolis for including incbinned effects files

Download Extra Mods

These downloads are uncompiled so you will need to run bmk makemods on your platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) before you can use them.

Blitzmax NG

I’ve also created a zip file with updates modules to work with Blitzmax NG, let me know if they work ok: (Recently updated for latest version of NG 27.11.2023)

Blitzmax NG Extra Mods


Monkey is a multi-platform language from the same author that brought us Blitzmax. It’s an excellent language that translates its code into other languages essentially allowing you to compile on a multitude of different platforms, some of which include iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, xBox, PSP and more.

The TimelineFX module for monkey is fully functional but currently in a beta stage so feel free to give it a go and report any problems back to me!

SVN Checkout Download ZIP


  • The Monkey module of TimelineFX also requires diddy, which provides extra functions for Monkey and Mojo.