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TimelineFX Particle Effects Editor – Only £29.99

The TimelineFX Editor represents amazing value for money. Create as many effects as you want and export them for use in your games and software completely royalty free. You can even use the libraries freely available for download on this site, either as they are or tweak them to your liking. Take advantage of the software everyone is using to create amazing particle effects animations!

Once you have purchased, your registration key will be sent to you via email immediately. You can try the demo first by visiting the download page.

All updates to the editor after purchase are completely free. New features are being added all the time, many on the request of users, so if there’s any feature you want added then feel free to let us know on the forums or email info@rigzsoft.co.uk

We also have bulk discounts available if you wish to purchase more then 1 license – 3 Licenses £23.33 each or 5 Licenses for only £19.99 each.

Licensing info

The license enables you to use the TimelineFX Editor for the creation of effects that can be used in free and commercial software. Any effects libraries or animation strips created with TimelineFX Editor can be used and distributed both freely and commercially. There is no limit to the number of free or commercial products that the effects libraries and animation strips can be included in. You are strictly prohibited from distributing the TimelineFX Editor. One Editor license is for 1 user only but you can install it onto more than 1 machine if necessary, as along as you are the sole user of the TimelineFX Editor software.