A simple program in Blitzmax with TimelineFX

This code can be found in the timlinefx.mod/docs folder called tlParticleManager.bmx. It simply shows what you need to do to load in an effects file and display an effect on screen and demonstrates just how easy it is to implement TimelineFX.


Import rigz.timelinefx
Import rigz.tweener

'Load the effects library
Local MyEffectsLib:tlEffectsLibrary = LoadEffects("effects/examples.eff")
'Create an effect and assign it an effect from the library
Local MyEffect:tlEffect = MyEffectsLib.GetEffect("simple explosion 1")
'Create the particle manager to manage the particles
Local MyParticleManager:tlParticleManager = CreateParticleManager()

Graphics (1024, 768, 0)

'These commands are important to set the origin of the particle manager. For this example we're setting the origin so that
'effects will be placed at screen coordinates. If you leave out the setorigin command then an effect created at 0,0 would
'be placed at the center of the screen.
myparticlemanager.SetScreenSize(GraphicsWidth(), GraphicsHeight())
myparticlemanager.SetOrigin(GraphicsWidth() / 2, GraphicsHeight() / 2)

'This will make one frame equal 33 millisecs long - or 30 updates per second.

'Create a tweener using the tweener mod. Make sure its frequency matches that above
Local Tweener:tTweener = New tTweener.Create(30)

'Our main loop
While Not KeyDown(KEY_ESCAPE) Or AppTerminate()


  If MouseHit(1)
    'to create an effect you need to use the copyeffect command, and copy the MyEffect you created earlier. 
    'You shouldn't use MyEffect as it is the template
    'for which is used to create effects you draw on screen.
    Local tempeffect:tlEffect = CopyEffect(myeffect, MyParticleManager)
    'Set the temp effect to the mouse coords
    'add the effect the the particle manager. Important, otherwise the particle manager would have nothing to update
  End If

  'here is the timing code, update the tweener to get the number of ticks for this loop

  For Local Ticks:Int = 1 To Tweener.FrameTicks
    'Update the execution time for the tweener
    'Update the particle manager

  'and finally draw the particles.

  Flip 0