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I’ve just uploaded a new effects library based on Muzzle Flashes which was suggested on the forums. There’s a few different variations in there that should help give you a good starting point. In addition to that I’ve also uploaded a new tutorial video describing how I went about creating these effects. Hopefully it will help give you a good grounding to go on and create your own or modify the existing ones to suit your own needs. This is something I plan on doing with every new effects library that I release, and I might even go back and Read more

Here's an overview of some of the commands you'll be using the most in TimelineFX. TimelineFX is very Object Orientated so most of the commands are accessed through the objects you create. The main object in TimelineFX you will use is tlParticleManager. You need to know how to create one, how to update it, and how to render the effects and particles it is managing. You also need to tell it the size of the screen you are rendering to. Read more