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I’ve just uploaded a new example for the Monkey Module of TimelineFX. It’s a simple little demo that showcases a little bit more about what you can do with the module and how easy it is to implement TimelineFX in your own games. The code is well commented so head on over to the downloads page to grab it. And here it is running in the browser, if it runs slow then your browser probably struggles with WebGL so try using Chrome or Firefox for better results!

I’ve just uploaded the latest 1.28 version of TimelineFX which is mainly a maintenance update that brings it up to speed with latest Mac OS release Mavericks. The the underlying GUI that it uses (wxWidgets) is now the latest version 3 which brings a few new fixes and features. Big thanks to Brucey who maintains wxWidgets for Blitzmax! As well as the Mavericks fix, there’s a couple of new features mainly aimed at anyone who will use monkey to develop their games. I’ve added a new Export option to the file menu and tool-bar that exports the effects to a Read more

New Website Live!

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It took me a while to settle not just on the design but how I was going to build it, ie., what CMS to use. Web development is my main line of work, unfortunately not design, just the coding part! But I atleast have some eye for detail and of course an excellent Particle Effects software to create some interesting elements ;-) Read more
The Monkey version for TimelineFX has been in beta for a while now and it's pretty much feature complete bar a few bugs that will probably crop up here and there. It's not actually based on the Blitzmax version directly ie., I didn't base the code and class structure on it, I actually wrote it from scratch for Monkey. Read more
Here's an overview of some of the commands you'll be using the most in TimelineFX. TimelineFX is very Object Orientated so most of the commands are accessed through the objects you create. The main object in TimelineFX you will use is tlParticleManager. You need to know how to create one, how to update it, and how to render the effects and particles it is managing. You also need to tell it the size of the screen you are rendering to. Read more