Alpha 2 released – History Tab implemented

I’ve just uploaded the latest version – Alpha 2!

This version sees undo implemented which isn’t very exciting but it is a necessary feature to make creating effects a lot more easy if you need to go back to a previous change. I also added a couple of new features over the original version in that you can now preview a revision without actually reverting the the change, and you can now also create a new effect from a revision – handy if you want to branch off to a different version of the effect you’re working on.

For some reason I also missed out Direction Overtime graph which is now implemented to. We’re pretty much at complete feature parity with the original version along with a few new features, so most things from here will be completely new, looking forward to getting started on those although I do want to get seamless preview sorted next.

These are all the changes in this release:

  • History tab implemented for undo and effect revisions so you can easily go back on recent changes.
  • Revisions can be saved as a separate effect.
  • Copying effects now appends v1,v2,v3 and so on with subsequent copies.
  • Added Direction Overtime graph which was missing.
  • Deleted effects are now saved under Edit menu > Recently Deleted Effects in case you need to get them back. Undo will also restore the last deleted effect as long as the delete was the last action.
  • Graph curves for angles now properly adjust for radians (the display is in degrees but the actual value for angles is stored in radians).
  • Graph data is now more efficiently stored.

Still keeping the releases low key for now as it’s still early days, but thanks for trying the alpha if you do give it a go, and report any issues on the forum!