New Alpha version with library importer

I just uploaded a new Alpha version with some more bug fixes plus a new importer to import effects from other effect libraries. This will only import effects from the current alpha version (not the old version eff files) but I may well add an importer for the old version as well at some point.

The new importer should be a lot more useable then the old version. You can now drag effects and emitters individually or you can import all if you wish. Plus you can also drag over shapes individually as well if needed.

Easily import folders, effects and emitters by clicking and dragging.


Click and drag to import shapes as well or import all shapes.

Full list of changes:

* Fixed a bug with the shape pop up on the properties tab when there were few shapes to view.
* Fixed a bug when deleting shapes would sometimes make them save incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug when importing animated shapes that are not powers of 2.
* Implemented an effect library importer – allows you to import all, or click an drag individual effects, folders and emitters. You can also import shapes individually as well.
* Left curve of the first node on a graph is now hidden.
* Fixed a bug causing libraries not to save properly after using remove unused shapes.
* Fixed a crash bug in the renderer to do with memory alignment, possibly only affecting older GPUs.