Improved usability update 1

This is the first update where I’m trying to improve the usability of the editor. In this update I’ve completely reworked effect and emitter properties and attributes. Before there were 2 separate lists with properties where you adjust things like the draw order, the emission type, spawn options etc. And attributes where you would change how the particles behave overtime. I’ve combined these all into the same tab and made them all searchable by keyword. I have also rearranged the attributes so that they’re grouped together more logically.

As you can see in the screen shot, instead of all the base attributes, variation and overtime attributes in their own separate lists, they’re now grouped by the attribute more granularly, ie: Spawn Rate, Particle Size, Particle Velocity etc., where the base, variation and overtime graphs are all kept together. I think this makes a lot more sense.

You can also search all the properties by keyword which I’ve already found super useful!

TimelineFX searchable properties


I’ve also fixed a few annoying crashes that crept into the last alpha so glad to get this alpha out reasonably quickly after the previous one.

So this is only Alpha 25a and I plan on more usability updates for alpha 25. I want to concentrate on documentation for a bit and would really like to put as much of it built into the editor as I can to make it as easy to use and find things as possible. I’d really like some simple searchable tutorials in the editor that give you a good starting point for how to do things.

Here’s a full list of updates in this version:

* Reworked effect and emitter properties and attributes so that they are now all in one place, easier to navigate and also searchable by keyword.
* You can now click and drag these new groups and sections of previews for more easy copying certain properties between effects and emitters.
* Fixed a crash with large sub emitters
* Fixed a crash when the attributes window was squeezed too small
* You can add a variation amount to apply to single spawn particles
* You can now hold shift and uniformly resize an emitter area with the resize button.
* Updated the tooltips for sizes.
* Camera movement in 3d is more smoother now when strafing.
* Fixed the handle position for 3d and fixed the button that sets the handle to the centre position.
* Internally removed references to global frame rate.
* Fixed a crash when trying to click drag a global effect to itself.
* You can now click an OK button to dismiss notifications.
* Added a bold font to make titles stand out more clearly.
* Pasting text in an input box with CTRL + V no longer also pastes an effect or emitter if there’s one in the clipboard.
* Built with the latest version of Dear ImGui.
* Fixed an issue with particle stretch when sprite data is looped.
* Fixed a crash when switching an effect to 2d while the sprite data tab is open.