Improved usability update 2 – In Editor Documentation

I just uploaded the latest alpha which builds on the last version with a brand new help section! This help is entirely in the editor and searchable by key word. It even works like a simple browser where you can go back and forward to previous sections you were looking at and it also has links that link either to other help files in the editor or externally too.

New help window for TimelineFX

I also added an About pop up that opens up on start up. It’s pretty basic for now but I can improve it at a later date.

about popup window timelinefx

New about pop up window

Both the about and help sections can be found under a new Help menu in the editor.

I plan to do one more Alpha 25 version c where I want to add interactive tutorials inside the editor to really top off the help section and be a great introduction to creating various effects.

One more thing I altered is that I made the default font size slightly larger and also added more fine graded font scaling options under the Font Scaling in the Settings menu.

Of course there’s also a new round of bug fixes all list below!

* New help section with documentation on how to use all parts of the editor.
* Added an about popup when the editor is started.
* Slightly increase the default font size and added more font scaling options.
* Fixed some potential rendering issues with the GUI on AMD cards
* Added button to access emitter size graph from the emission type property section.
* Align to Vector no longer shows if Free Align or Align to Camera is selected.
* Fixed an issue with noise and 2d emitters.
* Fixed issues with previewing history when the versions alternate between 2d and 3d effect types.
* Fixed a bug on graphs when a node is deleted that has a curve on the next node.
* Fixed tooltip text for size attribute.
* Removed the zoom options from the settings menu, they can just be accessed on the preview tab.
* Removed the optimisation settings as they’re not really relevant any more.
* Draw outlines work again.
* Fixed issues with sprite data when emitters are on other layers.
* Recording rate on sprite data tab works as intended again.