Initial beta version not far away

I recently reached a new milestone in the new version of the editor and finished adding the ability to export effects to a spritesheet/individual images. This means that I’m not very far away now from having feature parity with the current version of TimelineFX. After that I’m looking forward to adding a bunch of new features going forward, but there is still some work to do before then.

The next things I want to get done before making a beta version available are (initial beta version will be windows only)

  • Optimising the drawing of the particles utilising compute shaders. I’ve already made use of compute shaders for image manipulation when exporting to spritesheets so looking forward to expanding on that. I would also love for the effects to run entirely on the GPU for maximum speed and also portability into other engines.
  • I haven’t added in undo yet so would like to do that, this is pretty much the last feature to add.
  • Make a bunch off effects and convert some existing ones. This will help iron bugs out and have some decent example effects for initial beta users.
  • Some basic documentation to start with.

I’m really pleased with how things have gone, especially considering I had to learn C++ and also made my own Vulkan renderer from scratch which was a learning curve! Here’s some images, although I don’t have any interesting effects to show off yet!

I’m also happy to say that Larger DPI settings are implemented for 4k monitors (and above)