New update (long over due!)

I have just uploaded a new update of TimelineFX! This feels good as I’ve had trouble actually getting it to build at all. This is because the language that I wrote TimelineFX in (Blitzmax) is no longer supported and various things changed in the wxWidget bindings that meant it no longer built. However, thanks to a guy called Brucey who writes a ton of bindings for Blitzmax (including wxWidgets), his version of Blitzmax called Blitzmax-NG is keeping things alive.

So after a bit of tinkering TimelineFX is compiling again (it wasn’t as much work as i thought it was going to be!) which means I can fix bugs and keep things going.

Download the latest version from here.

Which brings me onto the next thing: Where next for TimelineFX?

I’ve decided that I really want to keep developing this project and have decided to re-write everything from scratch in C++. That might sound a bit drastic but I just think I’d like to further my development skills in that direction so that’s what I’m going to do. This time round though I’ve decided that I’m going to do a different pricing model: the Editor and library will be open source and free of charge, probably BSD or LibPng, and I’ll monetize by selling premium effects packs. This makes more sense to me as it will incentivize me to keep creating more effects packs. I also have a very cool idea to make working with and customising these premium effects much more easy.

With the editor being open source as well you’ll be able to customise for your own projects as well.

I will definitely have a special offer on the premium effects packs for anyone that already owns a copy of the current version of the editor, so help support this project by buying a license here!