Version 1.31 Released – Super Effects!

There’s another new version of TimelineFX up, version 1.31. In this version I’ve introduced “Super Effects”. These are effects that can contain other effects without the need for a container emitter, which made things a bit more complicated for some things. So rather then having to create a “container emitter” to have sub effects, you can now just create a super effect and drag the effects you want it to contain onto it. Of course, emitters with sub effects still exist and are still needed for some effects (like smoke trails from an explosion), but this new feature should make life a lot easier when all you want to do is combine 2 effects together. Often times, just experimenting with combining effects can create things you never imagined!

There’s a few other tweaks in there as well. TimelineFX now ships with a new example library containing some examples from the many effects libraries available here on the site which will load automatically when you start TimelineFX. This should help newcomers get started straight away by being able to instantly start playing with effects. If you’re a veteran and don’t want this feature, then you can disable under the preview menu. See all the latest changes on the downloads page

There’s also a new splash screen for the trial version, with a little bit of intro text pointing to resources to help get started. Thanks for all the feedback as usual! I will look to upload another couple of video tutorials this week so stay tuned.