Version 1.32 released – bug fixes

I slightly more boring release this time round. There was an annoying bug where dragging a graph node about would stick every now and then especially when dragging over larger distances. I tracked it down to a bug introduced with the history tab. It was basically trying to refresh the history tab far too often so that’s changed now. In addition to that, it’s a lot more efficient as to how often it actually adds a history item when you edit a node on the graph. Head on over to the downloads page to get the latest version.

On a side note, I have set up a Facebook page of TimelineFX, so you may have noticed a few follow and share links dotted about the place. Feel free to click, check it out and maybe even hit the like button. And if you’re using TimelineFX in your game and you have a Facebook page let me know and I’ll definitely pay you a visit!