Version 1.34 Released

Just a few bug fixes in this one, which I’ve listed below. Thanks to Trevor Nordstrom from for pointing these out. There’s a few more little glitches on the Mac which I believe are effecting El Capitan, so looks like I’m going to have to upgrade my old MacBook which is getting a bit long in the tooth. I hope to work on some new features over Christmas so hopefully will have another new version with some more interesting stuff in the new year!

Those changes then:

  • The “*” symbol to indicate a graph that is changed from default now disappears when you reset a graph
  • Fixed a crash when dragging an emitter onto its own parent effect.
  • Window size when opening on a mac now defaults to maximised to prevent the window from being too small
  • Clicking on the preview window now restarts the effect no matter how fast you click.
  • Lock angle to motion setting now takes into account angle offset.
  • You can no longer create an effect with a shape you previously deleted from the library.