Version 1.31 Released – Super Effects!

Version 1.31 Released – Super Effects!

There’s another new version of TimelineFX up, version 1.31. In this version I’ve introduced “Super Effects”. These are effects that can contain other effects without the need for a container emitter, which made things a bit more complicated for some things. So rather then having to create a “container emitter” to have sub effects, you can now just create a super effect and drag the effects you want it to contain onto it. Of course, emitters with sub effects still exist and are still needed for some effects (like smoke trails from an explosion), but this new feature should make Read more

New Effects Library and tutorial

I’ve just uploaded a new effects library based on Muzzle Flashes which was suggested on the forums. There’s a few different variations in there that should help give you a good starting point. In addition to that I’ve also uploaded a new tutorial video describing how I went about creating these effects. Hopefully it will help give you a good grounding to go on and create your own or modify the existing ones to suit your own needs. This is something I plan on doing with every new effects library that I release, and I might even go back and Read more

Version 1.30 now available and what’s coming

I have just released a new version of TimelineFX which features a long overdue “Undo” feature. I always wondered exactly how I would implement this and I think I was reluctant due it being a big job. I’m pleased with the final implementation and it actually felt good to create effects and have it there available. I threw in the added bonus of creating a new effect from an undo history. So if you like a particular version of an effect you can copy it to a new one and keep editing the current one. There’s also one or two Read more

New Beta Version of TimelineFX available

There’s a new Beta version available! The latest version has a big new feature, each effect now keeps a history of all changes, so you can go back to a previous version of the effect at any time. These are all listed on the new History tab. History doesn’t currently save with the effects, but may do in a future version. This is essentially undo, which has bee a long time coming, but better late than never! There’s no keyboard short-cuts yet but there will be before the final version is released. You can try the new beta version here: Read more

C++ Code for TimelineFX

Many thanks to TimelineFX user Peter Ward who has made available the basis of his C++ code for everyone. In his own words: It looks like a great basis for anyone looking to implement TimelineFX in their own C++ based game and should save you a lot of time 🙂  

New example for Monkey

I’ve just uploaded a new example for the Monkey Module of TimelineFX. It’s a simple little demo that showcases a little bit more about what you can do with the module and how easy it is to implement TimelineFX in your own games. The code is well commented so head on over to the downloads page to grab it. And here it is running in the browser, if it runs slow then your browser probably struggles with WebGL so try using Chrome or Firefox for better results!

Latest version 1.28 of TimelineFX released and what’s planned

I’ve just uploaded the latest 1.28 version of TimelineFX which is mainly a maintenance update that brings it up to speed with latest Mac OS release Mavericks. The the underlying GUI that it uses (wxWidgets) is now the latest version 3 which brings a few new fixes and features. Big thanks to Brucey who maintains wxWidgets for Blitzmax! As well as the Mavericks fix, there’s a couple of new features mainly aimed at anyone who will use monkey to develop their games. I’ve added a new Export option to the file menu and tool-bar that exports the effects to a Read more

New Website Live!

It took me a while to settle not just on the design but how I was going to build it, ie., what CMS to use. Web development is my main line of work, unfortunately not design, just the coding part! But I atleast have some eye for detail and of course an excellent Particle Effects software to create some interesting elements ;-) Read more

Monkey library for TimelineFX

The Monkey version for TimelineFX has been in beta for a while now and it's pretty much feature complete bar a few bugs that will probably crop up here and there. It's not actually based on the Blitzmax version directly ie., I didn't base the code and class structure on it, I actually wrote it from scratch for Monkey. Read more